(Eighting 1999)

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This great vertical shooter game from Eighting is some kind of a sequel to Battle Garegga (Raizing / Eighting 1996). It was produced for the japanese market only, so it can be hard to get hands on a PCB of it these days.

Battle Bakraid is a very well produced shooter game featuring nice graphics, a quite enjoyable music score and great playability. At the beginning of the game, the players choose between 4 selectable planes and 3 different game modes. They differ in the number of stages you will play to finish the game (training: 4, normal: 6 and advance: 8). They differ in difficulty as well, and the training course comes with bomber assistance: Your plane will automatically drop an additional smart bomb if the situation gets dangerous.
While some of the stages have their fixed position in the gameplay, there are others which appear randomly. Via DIP switches, the operator decides if he wants to let the players choose an individual stage order or not.

Each one of the selectable planes comes with it's own weaponary that can be powered up by collecting 'main-shot' and 'side-shot' items during the game. Even the smart bomb can be upgraded in strength, also by collecting specific items. Like in Seibu Kaihatsu's Raiden Fighters series, you can throw the bomb away from your ship. The distance varies, depending on how long you hold the [B] button before you release it.
Whenever you stop shooting for a few seconds, your weaponary rises to a maximum level, giving you great firepower for a short time. Furthermore you should collect 'option items' to get shooting assistance by small satellites around your plane. In Battle Garegga there were 4; here you can have even 6 of them. To control their formations, tap the [C] button.

This game contains tons of secrets. They can be revealed by unlocking codes, ingame joystick combinations or just by collecting items in a specific order. Learn how to unlock 5 additional ships (!!!) and much more in the 'secrets' section of this page. Enjoy !

. - [the sheep] in 2002


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