(Eighting 1999)

Battle Bakraid Background Story

The story takes place in Randa - a peaceful and rich capitalist nation. It is known to have more than enough money and resources to invite engineers around the world to participate in aircraft development. Thanks to different theories, including artillery, aerodynamics and structuring, there always seem to be a passion in this industry. Over the years, however, the interest slowly decreasing until someone suggests that the developed planes should compete in an 'Air Fighters' show. Randa agrees and decides to sponsor the event. The people of Randa renamed the event BAKRAID when it was an overwhelming success in about a couple of years. A dramatic change occurred a month before the opening of the 7th Annual Air Fighters show. Another nation, Daneb, declares war and launches an invasion on it's surrounding neighborhood countries. Now that it has required reinforcements, run by the Shtarterra Security Council (SSC), Dameb plans to invade Randa as a 'participation in the upcoming Bakraid air show'. After hearing the news, the defense council of Randa invites the invaders to participate. However, a couple of weeks before the show, they offered the Bakraid contenders a large sum of money to participate in an 'air show' battle against Dameb. A total of nine (9) pilots volunteered. Each one of them has the greatest opportunity to prove themselves who TRULY has the best plane. And so, before dawn, the participants take off for battle of their own lives. The 7th annual air show is now in session (two weeks earlier than the original date)...

Credits: Raizingfan