(Eighting 1999)

main shot

side shot option bomber 1up

100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1'000
2'000 3'000 4'000 5'000 6'000 7'000 8'000 9'000 10'000 100'000

Score Medals ....
Conditions The most important part to get high scores (besides staying alive) is to collect the golden score medals. Like in Battle Garegga, their value increase wave by wave. A wave is the total of score medals you get for destroying a target.
As long as you catch all medals of a wave, the increasing continues up to 10'000 points per medal. If you miss one, the next wave restarts a 100 point per medal.

The highest medal you can find is the blazon with the red core. It randomly appears once your standard medals are at max and provides you with a prize of 100'000 points.
Besides the fact that the game engine sometimes is merciful not to reset your medal chain if you really had no chance to catch one medals (don't count on it), there is one way to save it manually:
If it accidentially happens to you that you miss a valuable medal, and there are still other medals of the same value on screen, wait until the evidence of your accident, the first 100 point medals appear, and collect them all, before you head for the last medals of the old chain. If done successfully, the game will accept them as the last ones collected, and will let you continue the old chain.
Credits: Raizingfan & the Sheep


If you destroy multiple (midsize or bigger) targets at the same time, your score will be mulitplied by 2.
A timer will be displayed left of the stage number. It runs down from 99 to 0 in about 1 or 2 sec.

If you manage to take down single targets of the same size before the counter is at zero, your multiplier stays.

Each time you manage to destroy multiple targets of the same size before the timer is at zero, your multiplier will be doubled. So you can upgrade your multiplier to x4, x8, x16 and so on.

Credits: the Sheep

Bomber items
Conditions If you play that good, that you don't need to use the smartbomb anymore, you should read this:

Once your bomber stock is at maximum, every additional bomber item rewards you with 1000 points
Credits: David Payne