(Raizing / Eighting 1998)

It is the year 2019 in Manhattan, New York. An artificial island, called Zenovia, is loated a couple of kilometres south from the Manhattan island. 15 years before, the government was under fire concerning the growing crime rate. The local residence were losing their faith in them. No law or order was able to cope with this problem. That was why the Zenovia island was created. It was built as the 'last resort' for those local residence so they can start a new life there. The sucsess of the GiganTech Cybertronics Corporation grew and so was Zenovia where it is located. As promised, a new scheme of law and order will be enforced with Cyberpatrol troops and automated machines...with the most advanced artificial intelligence(A.I.) technology, of course. Before you know it, people began to move there by alarming numbers. New York boom was created. Soon, problems over the ownership of the island and the CEOs & staff members of GiganTech began to surface. Unexpectedly, crime rate grew quicker than predicted. As more buildings being developed and extensions being added to the island (by demands), Zenovia turned out to be a slum at the end. Several years later, the GiganTech building rises proudly at the center of the Zenovia island. However, because of the changing staff members and the products from GiganTech, the appearence of the cyberbots turned strange and their A.I. were being re-programmed to prevale anything BUT law & order. A new nightmare has been unleashed. Zenovia...an island that promised to be a crime-restricted zone is now a criminal paradise - almost as worse than how New York was before. The government finally came up with a new idea: TAKE ACTION!!! Based on the reports by secret intelligence, the problem centers on the staff members of GiganTech. Why....those staff members happens to be brutal criminals! Because of the new advanced abilities of the cybertroops, no [human] members of the police force or any special forces have the nerve to invade the island. Instead, the govs called upon 9 ruthless 'convicts' who would have the pleasure of doing the job. I am one of them. We are to be called the 'ZERO-COPS' since we're not cops but doing their job! We will be given complete freedom if we sucesfully done 'their' jobs but death if we don't! (some deal, eh?) We are separated to 3 groups of 3 and our missions are the following: * Invade and sieze power of the Zenovia Island * Put the cybertroops and the machines out of action * Find and take down the main staff members of GiganTech (since they believed to be criminals) * Destroy their new 'secret project' that will be activated soon. After we made a speculation to the govs of having our air-bikes armed with the weapons of our choice, we were satisfied with the deal...so now, the 9 of us treat ourselves to a wonderful wrecking party - at the expence of GiganTech!!

Credits: Raizingfan