(Raizing / Eighting 1998)

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The Music of
Manabu Namiki

Armed Police Batrider is a quite unique game from Raizing, that doesn't fit the common shooter genre very well. First of all it plays neither in a classic war, nor it is it a game with spaceships and stuff. I guess, a futuristic police & crime topic describes it closely. So the most stages show utopian city environments with all those shooter typical, exaggerated mech-robots stalking and flying between cars and buildings. Boring, you think ? Not at all. Let Raizing and Eighting do such a game, and you won't be disappointed.

One or two player set up a team of 3 (the number depends on the DIP settings) different futuristic, hover-cycles. You read correctly: This game uses the 'Team Edit' mode as the default option. 9 different characters are selectable. Your bike comes with a very powerful standard weapon, which is upgradeable by items. To complete the weaponary of your machine you should pick up some option items. Unlike in Battle Bakraid, their formations are not changeable. The [B] button releases an eye-catching smartbomb which is unique for each verhicle as well.

Batrider comes with 3 different game modes (training - 3 stages, normal course - 5 stages and advanced course - 7 stages) and with 3 selection modes for your characters: One offers Pre-selected teams, another allows you to set up your team freely and a third one uses a random system which includes secret characters, even if they are not unlocked with a code.

Talking of codes; this game contains probably the biggest amount of hidden stuff ever seen in an arcade shooter. Check out our secrets page how to unlock 9 selectable guest players featuring the Mahou and the Battle Garegga team, boss modes, single edit selection, hidden mini stages with tons of additional bosses, Gain's dream machine and much more.

Batrider is a colorful, many sided arcade game experience with the potential to keep you playing it for a long time. Maybe the best Raizing game of all.

- [the sheep] in 2002



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