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When I heard of "Strikers 1945" for the first time, I automatically thought it would be another sequel of Capcom's classic 1942 series, but both series have very little in common.

At the beginning of Strikers 1945 there is a selection of five historical warplanes. Catch your favourite and defend the upcoming peace during the final days of WWII. All fighters are equipped with powerful front weapons and collecting 4 of those Psikyo typical bullet-shaped power-up symbols will bring them to maximum power. But more than that, it even places small shooting satellites at your side. If you hold the [A] button, instead of just tapping it, your weapon gets charged. Once you release it then, those satellites build up a special formation to attack the enemy. The kind of that formation is individual for each plane. Keep that in mind when you choose your fighter, since it will affect your tactics throughout the whole game.

The smartbomb as always, will be released when you press button [B]. It differs in shape, depending on the chosen plane as well. One of them is a "1942 roll", followed by powerful explosion, another one supports you with a swarm of bomber-planes. Furthermore there are energy barriers, giant laser beams and more.

The music of Psikyo games in general, had never been a great deal. In Strikers 1945 it's a mix between march music and techno tunes, that fills the background with an unconspicous and unobtrusive accoustical carpet. It sounds ok, but it's nothing you will dream of at night, I guess.

The whole game is 8 stages in length and you have to play 2 complete rounds in order to complete it. The stages are filled with hundreds of attacking planes, tanks and warships. Everything looks historical, although some machine designs are very exaggerated and far from realism - but that's japanese, and we all like it, don't we ?

Like in Gunbird and many later Psikyo games, The end of the stages are guarded by bosses, consisting of 2 or 3 parts. Once you shoot one part to toast, the next one, a smaller and faster enemy comes out of the wreck and attacks you.

Talking about realism: It seems that Psikyo renounced to introduce any characters at the beginning. Funny enough, once you have beaten the game, you will face the real pilots: A bunch of nude girls with big breasts !

Strikers 1945, Psikyo's first WWII shooter, was the beginning of a new and very successful chapter in the company's history. After a great start in japanese and US arcades, it was ported to Playstation and Sega Saturn consoles. Currently even a remake for mobile phones is in development.

- [the sheep] in 2002

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