(Raizing / Eighting 1996)

power up

big power up bomber

Power Ups
Conditions If you play for score, try to avoid getting Power-Ups. Just shoot the carriers but don't pick anything but bomber items. - Why ?

1. - The difficulty increases not so fast !
2. - You will meet much more power-up carriers = better chance to get bomber items.

In stage 1 I got 5 carriers with power-ups when I catched them all - They contained no bombers
In the same stage I got 13 carriers when I avoided the power-ups. - They contained 2 bombers

How can I upgrade the strength of my ship when I let all the power -ups go ??

- The answer is simple. You can't, but you don't have to. Use your lock-on radar which is a much more powerful weapon.
Credits: Alamone & the Sheep

Conditions Let some targets go, and the "remaing enemy fighting strength" will be greater than zero percent at the end of the stage. The game's difficutly does not increase so fast if you do so.
Credits: Alamone & the Sheep