(Raizing / Able 1993)

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1993 a brandnew arcade company appeared on the hot battled arcade market with a fabulous new shooter game; the first game of a new sub genre I call "the fantasy shooter". Raizing proofed that there is more than ww2 and space to let great vertical action games happen.

The four characters Gain, Chitta, Myamoto and Bonum (later Bornnam) appeared here for the first time. In later Raizing games you will meet them again as the "Mahou team". Each of these people represent a classic roleplay character like a fighter, a magician, a ninja and a sorcerer. That's why their ships look like made in the medieval ages as well. They appear to be a mixture between spaceships and knight armours, and each one comes with a unique powerfull weaponary that features 1 upgradeable front weapon and 3 different secondary weapons, depending on the type magic books you gather throughout the game: F Books = Frontal Type, W Books = Wide Type and H Books = Homing Type Weapons. To bring your current side guns to it's maximum power, collect the same colored book 3 times in a row. To upgrade the front weapon, collect power coins. The [B] button to releases a smartbomb in shape of a magic circle.

In the world of Mahou Daisakusen (lit. "Magic War) you meet many powerful enemies and defeat giant bosses to get access to the higher levels. Some stages challenge the player with nice handycaps such as laser barriers locking up the path with mighty stonewalls once you crossed them. Furthermore you will face closing walls, breaking dams and furious high-speed races. Be sursprised !

Mahou Daisakusen is anything but boring and definitely a worthy piece in everybody's arcade shooter collection. If you have any knowledge of Mahou Daisakusen secrets , or if you would like to donate extras such as good quality scans of the promotional flyer, please send me an email

- [the sheep] in 2002
source: my own collection


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