(Raizing / Eighting 2000)

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Great Mahou Daisakusen (The Great Magic War), or better known as Dimahoo, is the third part of the Mahou series, that startet it all for Raizing. In this fantasy shoot'em up adventure, the underground gobligan empire will take over the world, and we have to stop them. "ARE YOU GREAT ?" is the slogan used for the promotional paperwork of Dimahoo and it's also the question on the screen of this game while running the attract mode. So it's a provocation for the player who thinks about throwing some quarters into the arcade machine of Dimahoo...

At the game start we choose one of four characters: A warrior, a sorceress, the wellknown dragon Myamoto and a group of funny looking necromancers. Each one comes with it's own fighter ship, which all look very special. Some remind me at dragon skulls, others look like giant medieval combat weapons.

In Dimahoo, the player is able to collect myriads of items. You do this by using a special weapon system. Since Dimahoo is a fantasy game with magic and all that stuff, your ship can be charged by holding the [A] button to throw a magic firework towards the enemy. That's not new so far, but if you keep holding the button, your kind of magic changes between two different colors: red (Fire Magic) and blue (Ice Magic). So you have two different elements you can use for tactile attacks during the game, then each enemy belongs to one of these elements. If you shoot an enemy with charged magic of the same element, you are able to stop some of the enemy's bullets. If we shoot with the opposite color, your attack is more powerful and you can obtain dozens of items.
Furthermore there are lots of secret challenges in this game: By shooting specific enemies with specific attacks under specific circumstances, you can find very valuable items. They give you lots of points, and maybe you will be able to access some hidden stages this way. Since it's very difficult to catch such things, I was not able to verify it yet. Btw. If you keep holding the charge button, you can see your magic level rising up. The success of finding some of the special items depend also on the value of this magic meter.
Like in Spawn and some other later games, Capcom had a hand on it, all collected items are listed on a scrolling page once the game is over. See Items page for more infos on this subject.

Dimahoo was written by Raizing / Eighting, and produced by the major company Capcom. The promotion was big, and so was the number of game boards released. The game runs on the CPS-2 system of Capcom and I think it's the most common Raizing game so far. - [the sheep] in 2001


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