(Raizing / Eighting 1996)

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Illustrations of
Yuji Kaida
After the well known fantasy shooter series featuring 'Sorcerer Striker' from 1993 and 'Kingdom Grandprix' from 1994, Raizing decided to come up next with a dark, industrial subjected shooter game. In Battle Garegga (lit. Battle Garage) you won't find the typical nice and clean grass, desert, and water backgrounds you often see in other shooter games. Everything looks dark and dirty here.

At the beginning of the game you choose between 4 planes with individual weaponary. As always, the [A] button controls the main gun; smart bombs are located on button [B]. These can be missile storms, giant flame throwers, vulcans as well as an impressive napalm rain.

By collecting specific medals you can pick up everywhere in the game, you are able to enhance your fire power, the strength of your smart bomb and the number of options around your plane. A maximum of 4 of them are allowed to assist you by shooting towards the enemy. Use the [C] button, you control the formation of these helpers.

Check the 'selection secrets' page to learn about selecting alternate versions of the planes described above. To get a real chance to beat this game one day with not more than 1 credit, you have to choose your fighter wisely. According to a FAQ of Alamone, a plane called 'Golden Bat' would be a very good choice. Allegedly it is the verhicle used by the most players who successfully finished the game in japanese arcades.

Battle Garegga consists of 8 stages. The operator may decide via DIP switch (see manual) if the players are allowed to combine their own level order or not. This mode, called 'stage edit' gives you control over stage 2, 3 and 4. The other ones are at fix positions. 'stage edit' is no more available in the later software revision (Ver. Sat Feb 3 1996).

Last but not least there are a few cool secrets, like the 4 selectable guest players from the Mahou games, special game modes and several in-game challenges. Check the 'secrets' page to learn more about it.

- [the sheep] in 2002

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