(CAVE / AMI 2005)


Rose Shield

The time is the 19th century, excited with the development of the steam engine. The Northern European country of Edelweiss is a land which especially excels in the mechanical industry with their precise techniques. Their growth is amazing. However, when one least desires it, dark clouds always appear.

That morning there was a cold, awkward feeling in the air. The once called Professor Teresa Rose gives a fearless smile. "Let's destroy this filthy land and it's people. We must make this world beautiful. Yes... then we'll make the entire surface a lovely rose garden."

"We'll make you beautiful."

Teresa began her attack along with five other women and their fortress which resembled a lump of knives. Under the Rose Garden Emblem, the nails of an eerily laughing iron man destroy buildings, and the roars of a plane which covers the sky burn the Earth. The people's cries and the rising flames illuminate the fortress, as if it were a beautiful flower blossoming from scorched earth.

The Rose Garden's power was horrific, but the Edelweiss forces pressed through the desperate battle. Far from being surpressed, but in a worsening situation, the Emperor, not able to handle the situation, ordered into battle his Special Imperial Attack Unit, the Negotiators.

"Annihilate the Rose Garden with your ships!"

The "ships" which had been secretely readied, as if predicting they would have to stand up to a threat and had longed for this day to come, shone bright.

translation by GaijinPunch

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