(Psikyo 1995)

As mentioned in the main review, at the selection screen you decide what kind of strategy you will play in order to beat Strikers 1945. Check the following tables to find out about advantages and disadvantages of your favourite plane.

The P-38's advantage is definitely it's charge formation. Once released, all four satellites build up a wide row, shooting straight upwards. This powerful carpet operates where you place it. Let it attack some side turrets of a nasty boss in example, while you head for some other challenges, maybe at a completely different place of the screen.

The smartbomb of this plane is a 1942 type roll, followed by dropping a local bomb. Not bad in destruction, but hard to place it, because you have to get very close to the enemy.
P-38 Lightning
"The Shooting Carpet"

Although I like the real Mustang planes very much, I couldn't find many advantages by playing it here in this game. In standard formation, the satellites shoot rockets, and in charge formation, they build a wheel of rotating blades moving upwards. Unfortunately it looks more dangerous than it is.

Mentionable is the smartbomb here: A bunch of supporting bombers clear the screen on a wide range - a nice panic button.
P-51 Mustang
"Don't panic"

The shield formation you get by charging the weapon of this plane, shoots very fast and moves always together with your plane. You can place it over enemies and maybe destroy them before they even start shooting at you. Like all supporting satellites, it cannot get hit by enemy bullets. The power of this weapon and it's short re-charging times make the spitfire defintely a choice for fans of powerful secondary weapons.

The smartbomb, a narrow fire beam, follows the movement of the plane - also a good weapon you can place where you need it.
"The Power Shield"

The Bf-109 Messerschmitt is very good for players who don't want to mess with charging. This plane is small and fast and it comes with powerful auto aiming satellites operating in the standard mode. You don't have to care for enemy positions. Choose this plane to practise dodging, since you can fully concentrate on enemy bullets with it.
If you have enough time to charge your weapon (takes a while here), you will get a nice "drill formation" which is powerful as well. The smartbomb, a dive attack of several supporting planes is the weak part of this plane - not to mention.
Bf-109 Messerschmitt
"The Blind Shooter"

Zero's charged satellites attack the enemy at will. Like a swarm of aggressive insects, they seek for the closest targets and shoot like hell. A great weapon !
In the standard mode, the satellites follow your plane and shoot small, ranged bombs - could get confusing when it comes to dodging bullets, because you easy loose the focus of your plane.

The smartbomb is a lightning storm, coming over the whole scene. Another nice, but not a very strong panic weapon.
Zero Fighter
"The Swarm"

Shinden has got a very powerful smartbomb which is small in destruction range, but even a stage boss will get seriously wounded by it's strength. So if standing a boss' mercyless patterns scares you more than dodging bullets during the stage, this one might be the plane of your choice.

Charging the satellites turns them into a "shooting cross" formation, which moves slowly towards the enemy. Not bad as well, but takes a while until it is available again.
Shinden J7
"The Bomber Master"