(Psikyo 1997)

The P-38 in Strikers II is an average armed plane. The standard shoot is accompanied by small homing rockets. The charged shoot releases two bigger rockets, flying straight upwards and scattering in case of an impact.
The smartbomb is like in Strikers I, a 1942 type roll, but followed of a group of 5 smaller planes, flying and shooting upwards. They can be used as a protection shield from enemy attacks.
P-38 Lightning
"The Rocket Master"

Pancake is maybe the most chosen plane by Strikers 1945-II players. It is very fast, is small in shape and releases sort of homing laser strikes autonomously. The charge shoot consists of a narrow but quite strong laser-beam for some piercing action. The effect of a protection shield can be caused by two big delta shaped bombers, flying slowly upwards, when you press the smartbomb button.
XF5U-1 Flying Pancake
"Laser Hunter"

Focke Wulf is fast fighter too, but with a bigger hitpoint area than Pancake, what makes it more difficult to dodge enemy bullets. The standard gun is assisted by continuously upwards flying missiles. The plasma mine released by charging the weapon, can be used for protection as long as you stay inside of it with your fighter. Not too bad, but the main advantage of this plane is the smartbomb: a giant rocket that penetrates the enemy lines with great power.
Ta-152 Focke Wulf
"The Penetrator"

Hayate is the second most chosen plane by Strikers 1945-II players. It is only a little slower than pancake, and has dangerous satellites tracking down the enemy like a swarm of insects. Very useful! When you charge your weapon, one or two of these satellites can be placed in the playfield as shooting drones. They shoot independently from enemy vehicles then. The smartbomb of the Hayate is a big bomber plane that clears the path close to the ground.
"The Insect"

Shinden is another nice fighter. It is fast, has got some energy missiles on board and comes with a nice charged shadow attack. The smartbomb calls for some usefull airplane support.
"Shadow Warrior"

DH38 is another rocket shooter. The charge shoot releases napalm bombs which turned out to be one of the better properties of this vehicle. The smartbomb supports you with a another group of attacking planes.

- I admit, Psikyo did not dig on virign ground when they designed the weapons of this game...
DH38 Mosquito
"The Bomber"