(Psikyo 2000)

What it does Access the maintenance sections featuring test plays and stage select modes
1. Power up the PCB
2. Press the Test Button of your cabinet
4. Select "Maintenance Code"
5. Enter the code with the joystick
6. Press [A] to confirm

known codes:

9-2-2-2-0 = Maintenance Access
9-2-2-1-0 = Erase all data (Factory Settings)
1-2-3-4-5 = Erase best score

Press [start] to activate settings in the maintenance area
Credits: Tourn On, the Sheep

What it does Destroy a specific enemy in each stage with a "Dragon-shoot" will make a flying golden idol appear. Continously shoot that idol to gain 1 gold coin per hit.

Important: When the idol appears, immediately start shooting at it and try to keep up it's path. Otherwise it would fly away.
  Stage : Mushroom Forest
Referred Items

"flying onions" attack in waves of 3 in the forest stage.
Watch out for the 5th wave. There is one single one following it. That's the target.

Don't try to clear the path by shooting the middle onion of wave 5 flying in front of it with the standard weapon. It's safer to "dragon shoot" both together as long as they stay close together.

  Stage : Coral Sea
Referred Items

Look out for the 2nd V-formation of green fishes. "dragon shoot" the one closest to the right edge of the screen (fish no.7).

A V-formation consist of 7 fishes. Sometimes 2 single fishes follow, making the formation look more like an X. Don't get confused by it.

  Stage : Aerial Mist
Referred Items

Archers attack in waves of 2. The trigger to release the idol is the left one of the second wave. Eliminate him with a "dragon shoot" !

  Stage : Goblin Desert
Referred Items

This one is a little bit harder to find. Best would be to keep an eye on the big trucks passing by. There are two of them in this stage. When the second one leaves the bottom of the screen, several waves of "skull blades" cross the screen. they usually attack in groups of 3. One wave will passes from the left to the right, followed by one from the right to the left. Then a single skull blade comes from above and flies in a curve to the left side of the screen. Then 2 other waves of 3 : One from the right followed by one from the left. Now you should notice another single skull blade coming slowly straight from above. That's our man. Penetrate him with your dragon and the golden idol is yours.

  Stage : 5 - Dark City
Referred Items

I was not able to verify this one yet. The skull blades in this stage fly just too chaotic to find the right one. You can see the 3 destroyed stone turtles on the picture, so the location of our target has to be anywhere at the beginning of the stage.

  Stage : 6- Bone Desert
Referred Items

In the middle of the stage a skull with rotating bones attacks. After destroying this mid-boss, a couple of "smoking skelettons" comes from above, in a formation exactly as shown on the picture. The one in the red circle should be killed with a "dragon-shoot" to call the golden idol.

  Stage : 7- Final Stage
Referred Items  

Kill the 3 headed mid-boss with a "dragon shoot". It doesn't matter which head you destroy. You can also throw smart bombs to weaken him. It's only the final strike that matters. If you are sucessfull, 2 golden idols and a load of gold coins will be set free.

Credits: Ron (HK-STG forum), the Sheep