(Raizing / Eighting 1996)

Mathew Wayne, a great mechanical engineer, lived in a small country town. He owned a small automobile factory. His young sons, Brian and Jason, were influenced by his work. The sons were taught by his father [almost] every tricks of the trade of becoming a mechanical engineer as great as he was. A few years later as their father retired from his profession, Brian and Jason took over the operation of the factory. As years rolled by, words of their designs, vehicles and high technical capabilities passed from one town to another until it reached the ears of the federal government. After talks with the managers of the federal weapons development, the Wayne brothers accepted a phat juicy contract from them. The assignament, for the Wayne Brothers, is to develop a new line of military vehicles and weapons for them. Under its abundant funding, many weapons, vehicles and aircrafts were built. One morning, the sky turned dark by the oncoming fleet of planes and the echoes can be heard from a far distance. The weapons and the vehicles that the Wayne brothers originally developed for the federation destroyed every towns and cities - including parts of their own. Seeing that their weapons has caused another war and claimed many victims, Brian and Jason regrets the entire situation and sets off to dig the graves of their own work.

Credits: Raizingfan