(CAVE / AMI 2004)

Stage 1: To the Shinju Forest

What will we do, Kiniro?! They're all attacking us! I only want to meet their God. We won't simply be done for here... for the sake of everyone waiting at the village.

Stage 1

Stage 2: Onward, Crossing the Desert

We've made it to the desert. But everyone seems to act the same as they did in the forest, even though I've tried talking to them. Seems there's no trace of their God here either.

Stage 2

Stage 3: Walking the Land of Flames

We have to pass here. I've never come this way before, as the ground was too hot to walk. Hey, Kiniro, are we going the right way? I feel like I'm lost again... like that night.

Stage 3

Stage 4: It was Like the Night of Falling Stars

Whoa, how beautiful! The light is reflecting off the moss! It looks like the Levi-Sense that falls at night. Now that I think about it, the night I got lost was just like this.

Stage 4

Stage 5: The Very End of the Forest

When I was lost that day in the Forest, a young boy helped me. He was wearing a very pretty bracelet, and said, "this is something you'll need", and gave it to me. With a faint smile, he said, "we will meet again".

Stage 5

translation by GaijinPunch