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(CAVE / AMI 2004)

Reco: Aki, are you okay?!

The young boy sustained injury. His name: Aki.

His conscience runs through the mind of the approaching Reco

Aki: The Levi-Sense given off by the Koujuu is poison to humans.

Ending 1


Reco: ...

Aki: That night when you were lost, it was already too late by the time I had met you. You had been poisoned.

That bracelet, it's crystalized Levi-Sense. That's why you were able to live in the village.

Ending 2


Reco: This ?

"Aki was wearing that bracelet the day when Reco was lost in the forest"

Aki: It will take some more time for humans to live amongst the Levi-Sense. That's why I asked the Koujuu to wait a short while before going to the village.

Ending 3


Aki: My power has reached it's limit. Now, I must ask something of you.

Ending 4


Reco: Aki!

Reco knew Aki's life force was becoming weaker and weaker, as if he was a puppet who's strings were being cut one at a time.

Reco was aware from the time he gave her the hair band... that she would be the one that would have to face the Koujuu.

Aki: It's okay, Reco... you'll be able to face them.

Not able to return to the village.
Having her life turned upside down.
She didn't care about anything like that

Ending 5


But, she wept for not being able to see Aki again...
even though she knew she would be protected by Aki, who vanished into a cloud of Levi-Sense.

-Don't cry. We'll always be together-

Ending 6

translation by GaijinPunch