(CAVE / AMI 2004)

In a different time than now...

A time when deserts spread across the Earth,
and arthropods with gigantic hard shells flourished.

The humans living in the shadows called these beasts
with shells who worshipped the god of the forest for Koujuu.


In a small part of that forest was the village of the humans. It was a land that was allowed go on surviving, by offering a sacrifice in the form of a 15 year old once every 200 years.

On the night of each sacrifice, a great number of shooting stars could be seen, which gave it the name "Hoshifuri Village". And living there was a bright princess. Her name was Reco.

When Reco was small, she once became lost in Shinju Forest, where the Kojuu lived."I feel like I met a boy there. He was wearing a lovely bracelet. When I said 'how pretty', he gave me a surprised look. He laughed, and then gave it to me. It's amazing. When I wear it, I can communicate with the Koujuu.

And as the bracelet still shines today, she went to play in the Shinju Forest, which nobody dared enter.

The village people were shocked when they saw Princess Reco's bracelet. It was something which was given to he who would be sacrified. Why was something like that given to Princess Reco? Did that mean Princess Reco was next? But nobody in the village said so to her. No matter how pretty it was, nobody wanted it for their own.

Then came the year when Princess Reco turned 15, and a plague came to Hoshifuri Village. One by one, people fell victim to the unknown illness. Amongst them, only Princess Reco was in good health.

The people gossiped. Did the Koujuu god want Princess Reco?
She had turned 15, had the bracelet, and now people were dying.

Was the 200 year custom still in effect?
"Are they telling us to give them Princess Reco?"
"Are they calling her?"
"We must give her up."
"It's for the good of the village."

The king was distraught over the voices heard throughout the village. He said to Princess Reco in a trembling voice:
"Will you go to Shinju Forest and meet the Koujuu god ? "

Princess Reco gave her reply.

"If it will make everyone better!"

As she said that, she headed off on the golden Koujuu she had befriended in the forest, all the while staring at the bracelet."I heard something about people getting sick long ago. I think it had something to do with the sacrifice being late."

"But more than that...!"

She then hurried to the back of the forest, while thinking,

"Just who was their god, anyway? I hope it's that young boy."


translation by GaijinPunch