(CAVE / Nihon Systems 1998)

Planet Meruto, a well known powerful military force in the Milky Way, sends out a Flagship under the command of Admiral Gratze, to attack the earth in order to gain one of it's most desired raw materials in the Galaxy: Water
On Planet Fever, a small planet between Meruto and the Earth a base was planned to be installed, from there the attack vessels should start the invasion of Planet Earth. But before Admiral Gratze's plan was fullfilled, a mysterious wave appeared in space and confused the instruments of Meruto's fleet, and disrupted Admiral Gratze's love chat with his wife Irene Catharine. About this he got angry to such an extent that he forced his fleet to land on the source of this wave. So the wheel of fate began to spin...

translation by GaijinPunch, summary by the Sheep