(CAVE / Nihon Systems 1998)

98 / 09 / 17 Ver.
japanese version
source : my own collection
This is the original japanese language version of Feveron.
- zip / 291 KB -
98 / 09 / 17 Ver.

international version
donation & support: undamned, rtw & tux
This is the original english language version of Feveron. This revision is unprotected and should work on any japanese Feveron PCB.*
- zip / 292 KB -

How to use these Romsets with your PCB:

Your Dangun Feveron PCB should have 2 socketeed 27C4001 Eproms (or compatible). Both are relevant for swapping the revision: Unpack the Rom-Files from the zip archive you have downloaded from here and burn them to new 27C4001 (or compatible) Eproms, using an eprom programmer. It should work by reburning the old Eproms too, if you properly erase them first.

* The international version PCB (Fever SOS) differs slightly from the japanese PCB (Dangun Feveron) for protection reasons. Only the unprotected Fever SOS Roms will work on a japanese PCB. The japanese ROMs however never had a protection and should also work on any english version PCB of this game.

hints: You can remove an eprom from a socket by sticking a flat screwdriver between eprom and socket and then rotate it carefully until it lifts both sides of pins out of their slots. Always keep an eye on the correct direction whenever you place a eprom into a socket (Make that small gap at one side of the chip, fit to the markings on the PCB)

donation & support: undamned, rtw & tux