(ATLUS / CAVE 1995)

power up

bomber max power star bee medal 1up


If you destroy multiple targets within an very short time range (indicated by a green colored bar), a hit counter starts and after 10 hits it will be visible in large letters. Once your hits are too slow, the counter stops and disappears.

Needless to say that getting these counter combos is a very important condition to receive high scores in Do Donpachi.

Credits: the Sheep

Refered Items Bee Medal
Conditions There are 13 bee medals hidden in each stage. If you cross the location of a hidden bee medal with your bullets or your laser, it starts to blink. Only the head of the laser weapon frees it, so you can capture it after.

1st medal is worth 100 points, 2nd medal 200, 3rd 400, then 800, 1000, 2000...
If you miss a medal, the chain breaks and counting restarts.
In case you manage to collect all bee medals of a stage, the 13th medal bee is worth 100000 points.
Credits: Bernard Doria, the Sheep