(ATLUS / CAVE 1997)


Time your dismantling of stage 1 boss: Hold the fatal bullets or the final laserbeam until the moving turrets rotate fastest. Then blow them up. This will make them release 10 big 10'000 point stars intead of 1 you would normally get for each turret.

Credits: Bernard Doria, the Sheep

Refered Items
Conditions In a 2 player game, you should work together when it comes to taking out a boss. Destroying the left and the right extensions of the tank boss in stage 2 simultaneously, will make it releasing 10 big stars.

This secret is yet unconfirmed. It happened once to the guy who told me about.
Credits: Flatliner

Refered Items
Conditions In stage 3 is your one and only chance to pick up a 1up item. It is hidden in the giant red spaceship you will pass later in the stage. To get it, open all 6 side-boxes with your laser, before you destroy the main tower in the center of the ship. You are not allowed to use your smartbomb for these actions. Otherwise the 1up item would not appear in the ruins of the tower afterwards.
Credits: Bernard Doria, the Sheep

Refered Items  
Conditions Professional player swear on saving all of their smartbombs in order to keep the stock display at "maximum", which will start the bonus multiplier at 2x. If you don't play that good to afford leaving all bombs undropped, you can use them to boost up the counter when you release one, while lasering a boss, right after the voice said "just a couple of more shots..." This will not only destroy the boss, it also makes your counter increasing fast, until the enemy vessel explodes. Watch the calculation after the stage, to see how the higher counter will improve you score.
Credits: Flatliner, the Sheep

Refered Items  
Conditions There are a few places in the game you will meet flowers growing in ruins. If you fly near them they will bloom. This is more than just a joke of the graphic artist. It can reward you with a nice bonus score:

(each) flower blooming 10 points per 1/60 sec.
+ your shots hit it 510 points per bullet
+ your laser crosses it 1'100 points per 1/30 sec.
Credits: Bernard Doria, the Sheep