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1993 / 94 the fantasy shooter celebrated a rebirth with two companies at the top of the market: Raizing and Psikyo.
After their award winning eastern mythology themed Sengoku Ace, Psikyo decided to mix elements of the european history with a mech topic. The result was a fun-shooter that doesn't took itself too serious: Gunbird

Five new characters with psychic abilities hunt for a magic mirror in several fantastic stages. The world of Gunbird is filled with strange mechanical devices, walking, flying and shooting at any intruder. The end of each stage is guarded by an evil trio called 'the trump'. They attack the heroes with a huge machine. Once that machine is destroyed, a smaller and faster robot raises out of it as a second challenge, before the trump flees and our heroes are allowed to leave the stage.

If shooter fans think of Psikyo characters, they automatically think of Marion, that cute 13 years old, blue dressed witch on her flying broom. First introduced in Gunbird, she is some kind of a mascot for Psikyo today. Other protagonists in this game are Valnus, the fat russian robot, a German scientist called Ash, a female fighter from China, similar to Jane (Sengoku Aces) and last but not least an old man on a strange wooden vehicle.

The weaponary system of Gunbird is very similar to it's predecessor: The main shot on [A] button is individual for each character. Holding the same button charges the weapon to release something more powerful against the enemy. Furthermore there is a smart bomb on button [B].
Main power and number of bombs can be upgraded by collecting appropriate symbols.
Like in Sengoku Ace, the player will find gold coins throughout the game which reward him with 200 points for collecting each one.

Gunbird is one of the first games of that new era of shooter games. Original PCBs and Sega Saturn ports can be purchased for reasonable prices at Ebay or directly from game dealers. I can recommend this game especially to newbies of the Shmup genre, since it's system is easy to understand, and the number of bullets on the screen is still moderate. Manic shooter fans sleeping with Batrider and waking up with Progear, will find Gunbird's age of 8 years recognizeable when it comes to graphics and gameplay. Nevertheless it is still a good game, for players and collectors likewise.

- [the sheep] in 2002

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