These are the tribute pages that The Sheep lovingly
created. Updates will be made as time permits. If you
have any changes,corrections or additions please
contact rtw on the shmups forum.

R7 2008-07-09 Ibara Contributors: Coryoon, GaijinPunch, jpj, rtw, Sperrfeuer, The Sheep, toki & zak.
R6 2008-02-11 DaiOuJou, DaiOuJou Black Label & Esprade Contributors: Coryoon, dmauro, EOJ, GaijinPunch, jpj, rtw, Sperrfeuer, sven666 & toki.
R5 2007-06-18 Mushihimesama, Espgaluda, Ketsui

Contributors: GaijinPunch, icycalm, rtw, Savory, zak & zlk.

R4 2007-01-31 DaiOuJou Black Label, Espgaluda & Ketsui
Contributors: zlk & rtw.
R3 2006-10-21 Donpachi, Espgaluda & Uo Poko
Contributors: icycalm, rtw, Valgar & zlk. Photoshop magic: Savory. Note: Uo Poko makes a cameo appearance.
R2 2006-08-08 Dangun Feveron
Marquee & miniposter added. Donator: zlk. Photoshop magic: Savory
R1 2006-07-14 Everything
Resurrected by rtw